Are You an Outlier?

Do you live in the fringe of your life? Do you feel you’re aging differently from those in your circle or tribe? Then, you may be an Outlier when it comes to aging! Now, I hear you saying: What the heck is an Outlier? How would I know if I am one? What does it …

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Unstuffed Means Unstuck

Nothing more upsetting than when you can’t find something—and in looking for and finding that thing, you get sidetracked to an uninvited walk down memory lane. Now you’re overthinking, crying, stressing out, getting upset, and dealing with emotions you hadn’t felt in years. None of it had to happen, but the stuff got in your …

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The Best New Year’s Resolution

If New Year’s Resolutions are all about self-improvement like weight loss, read more, eat less, take classes—then, self-care is the only New Year’s resolution you need. It covers everything you may want to resolve, improve, and even purge. Think about it: weight loss, exercise, eating healthy, getting out more, loving yourself, setting boundaries and anything …

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Winter lights

Glimmers Are Gifts of Aging

There are moments that happen in your life you may not take time to notice. They are glimmers of awareness that bring you happiness and joy—and they need to be acknowledged, regarded and remembered. These are gifts. See them. Receive them. Glimmers have been described as experiences that make you feel safe and connected. They’re …

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giving Dollar

Ways to Give Your Giving Dollar

It’s that time of year when your giving dollar goes into action. The term represents your donations to a nonprofit or not-for-profit effort or organization. Some of us use our giving dollar throughout the year and others only during the holiday season. I get a lot of questions this time of year about giving. Many …

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Living in the Widowhood

I’m approaching 10 years as a widow. At times, it’s been tough and challenging, sad and lonely, and scary and intimidating—but it’s also been filled with lessons learned, mindset resets, and lots of reminders calling for self-love, self-care, and lots of self-acceptance. The Widowhood was my home. It wasn’t a bad place to live, until …

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Bumps in Your Road

Who Put Those Bumps in Your Road?

Who put those bumps in your road? Take a look in the mirror. It’s you! Of course, you never imagined your family commitments, community activism, work dedication, and overall desire to serve others could be keeping you from serving yourself. I hear you saying: “But I love my life, and I love what I do. …

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