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How Dare You Live Longer!

We may have to rephrase the famous greeting, “Live long and prosper” to “Prosper if you want to live long,” because eventually your longevity may come with an actual price. Now that you’ve figured out how to live longer, you may not be able to afford it. All that saving! All that investing! And for …

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Splitting Hairs on Ageism

Nowadays, everyone’s on the bandwagon of ageism, as if the term and its meaning were just discovered yesterday. No one really spoke of ageism out loud—and now that the topic is trendy, it seems we’re splitting hairs about it. Every little thing involving older-aged adults has become suspect for ageism. This is why I try …

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Even Kindness Needs Boundaries!

One of the most popular topics I teach is Setting Boundaries—but setting boundaries can be hard to do if you’ve made kindness the primary focus of your engagements. Don’t get me wrong, we should all be kind. And there’s no doubt that if there was more kindness, the world would be a much better place. …

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What’s Your Age-a-Tude?

What’s Age-a-Tude? It’s your attitude about aging. It’s what aging means to you. It’s how you define aging. It’s how aging makes you feel. It’s about how you’ll choose to age. Successful Aging has everything to do with your attitude! Are you taking the reins of your aging experience or are you handing them over …

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Are You Managing Your Emotions?

There’s one thing to understand about aging: It brings its own set of emotional, yet manageable shifts. As we age, we become both more accepting and less tolerant. And we often don’t realize the shift because we haven’t recognized the subtle changes in our levels of acceptance and emotional boundaries. Not all of us experience …

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Are You Sustainable?

The word “sustainability” is usually associated with protecting the environment, but it can also apply to you and your life. How will you sustain the life you love living? Are you able to keep up with the life you’re living now? Do you have what it takes to keep up with the YOU you want …

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December 2022

The Gifts of Aging

We often forget about the gifts we received over the years—well, maybe not the big sparkly ones or even the life-changing ones. I’m talking the gifts you receive and use everyday, but never see or touch. These gifts aren’t wrapped in pretty paper or tied with a sparkly bow. They are the unrecognized, seldom acknowledged …

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Create a Holiday Giving Circle

Those days are upon us. You know… the ones filled with comfort and joy, family and friends, food and fun. But there are many Seniors who won’t have that experience. We all know someone who lives alone year round—for them the holidays are especially challenging. Feelings of isolation and loneliness make Seniors more vulnerable during …

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