Retirement Boredom is Real

Retirement Boredom is Real!

You certainly didn’t plan your retirement with boredom as a main feature. You’re supposed to be living the life of your dreams, right?  Why are you bored? All of the advice you sought from friends and books on how to retire; yet, none really highlighted boredom. One thing retirees may fight against is a change …

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Do You Feel “Sidelined” by Age?

Do you feel overlooked, misunderstood, left out of the discussion? Do you feelthe needs and wants of Seniors are sidelined for the good of everyone else? Well, it’s probably more than an inkling you’re feeling-and it’s not just you! Nowthat you’re aware, don’t be surprised by what you discover. Age has beenweaponized and it’s being …

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Don’t Get Too Comfortable!

Life in the “comfort” zone sounds like great self-care, doesn’t it? You’ve earned it,right? Well, it can also be your worst enemy—and it often brings along its friendscomplacency and contentment. Collectively, I call them the terrible C’s. These words are so easily misused and abused as we age because they comeequipped with just add water …

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Manifest Your Destiny

They say destiny is predetermined. I say it doesn’t have to be—you can manifestyour destiny too. Manifestation is about your power to attract what you want in your life by focusingand directing your energy. You DO have what you need to create the life of yourdreams! I’ve manifested my desired outcomes for years! I’ve manifested …

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A Quick Guide for Family Caregiving

Caregiving is hard work that challenges the heart, mind, and body of both partiesinvolved—and these challenges are compounded when it’s family giving andreceiving the care. The emotional investment becomes greater and the boundaries drawn are oftenvery gray. Clear communication between all family members involved is key! The number one issue in family caregiving is lack …

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What’s Positive About Anti-Aging?

There’s nothing positive about anti-aging. We should lose the term! Why would anyone want to be anti-aging? Is there an opt-out on aging when you choose to be against it—does aging cease? The messages are subliminal, but are still very clear: Aging is not perceived as a positive experience. And the money invested in that …

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Let’s Take “Senior” Back!

Why are some of us so mad at the word Senior? We love it in every other use except when it’s referring to those of us 55 plus. It’s a highly regarded and respected title in government, corporations, small businesses, colleges, and high schools where being Senior or having seniority is sought after and honored. …

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