Let’s Take “Senior” Back!

Why are some of us so mad at the word Senior? We love it in every other use except when it’s referring to those of us 55 plus. It’s a highly regarded and respected title in government, corporations, small businesses, colleges, and high schools where being Senior or having seniority is sought after and honored. …

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Time to Refresh Those Docs

When the last time you reviewed your retirement, financial, estate or other plans and documents? You’d be surprised at what you’ve forgotten to update, or better yet, what’s actually in those documents. It’s understandable why you haven’t updated your important paperwork. You felt safe and assured that you had all documents and plans in place …

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pic for regrets into rewards article

Turn Your Regrets Into Your Rewards

What do you do with the your regrets? You know those things you never did, never said, never completed…and on and on. Well, you could lose those regrets—yet, you hang onto them. And as you age, those regrets begin to creep more and more into your foreground. How do you acknowledge and process through those …

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Should I Tie the Knot or Not?

You never planned on it, but you’ve met someone and now you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Since you’re already in a committed relationship, you figure marriage won’t change things much—well, think again! Marriage can change a lot of your personal settings, so to speak, and you may confront …

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Ageless aging mindset

Take the Reins of Aging

Take the reins of aging by considering these actions. Many of you already have some version of them on your daily ‘to do’ list. Acknowledge Your Value: If you don’t value YOU, then who will? Establish boundaries, defend your decisions, and speak up. Make yourself  number #1 in your life. It doesn’t mean you don’t …

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