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This is how we messaged back in the day. Frankly, I think it took more smarts than messaging today because you had to make your own delivery apparatus. And you had to know how to fold it for maximum speed and trajectory!

Back in the Day play smoking with candy cigarettes was A-O-K! It was a major Halloween treat. A little stick of pure sugar that we used to imitate our parents. And people thought it was CUTE! O, the good ol days before we realized how non-PC we were.

Today, it’s more like where’s the KETO? It’s funny to think we once insisted on more beef and now we insist on less. However, Wendy’s is still delivering the beef!

Back in the Day, we didn’t wear helmets or elbow pads, but somehow we managed to put these contraptions on our feet and have the most fearless fun. We depended on our own instincts to adjust them to our feet. We fell, we cried, we laughed, we survived.

Back in the Day this was our Internet. It’s where we explored and saw the world. Did you own a Viewfinder? It was a time when we used our imaginations!

Back in the Day, a trip to McDonald’s was a special and often costly treat depending on the size of your family. We look at those prices now and can’t believe how inexpensive everything was. However, 50 years ago, $5 was a lot of money. If a McDonald’s milkshake was only 10 cents today, I’d live on them. What are your childhood memories of McDonald’s?

Back in the Day, this was our first exercise in negotiation: deciding who would get which package of cereal. Usually ended with Mom picking them for us. My favorite was the Sugar Smacks, what was yours?

O, how times have changed! What memories do these pics bring up for you? I know one thing TV dinners were certainly bigger and always came with dessert.