Living La Vida Senior

So what’s Living La Vida Senior? It’s really a mindset of positive thinking! It’s all about living life after 50 to the fullest! It’s about realizing your potential when you may feel you can’t do the things you want to do anymore.

It’s about Positive Aging! Positive Aging is a mindset that determines your experience. It’s time to take the reins by embracing and empowering your aging experience and I’m here to support you!

Knowledge is key to Positive Aging! My classes and activities empower you with the tools you need to live life to the fullest. Also, check out my Ageless Aging positive mindset program. Learn to embrace aging by creating your own aging experience.

Of my several goals and objectives for this website, one is to show Seniors why it’s important to make sure your environment supports you as you age—but I also want to make sure you know you can create your desired environment yourself by making happiness and positivity a priority.

Just When You Thought You Were Retired

Wednesdays,  February 14th through April 24th.
9:00 until 10:00 a.m. Virtual only.

“Everything that will happen in your life starts from this moment…your possibilities always await you…”

This class helps you figure out what you want to do when you thought you were retired. It opens up discussions involving After-Career Careers, Starting a Small Business, Volunteering and much more.
Learn about the perceptions, misconceptions and discrimination older adults face in the workplace.
Get tips on how to navigate new environments using emotional intelligence.
Learn how to gauge your capacity and build your confidence, how to find your new niche or rejuvenate your old one.
Get the information you need to turn your knowledge, experience, expertise and passion into a job or other venture. Create a “life experience” resume and other useful documents.
This class is info-packed, very hands on/DIY, highly interactive, filled with tips/tools and packed with takeaways.
This is Positive Aging!

UNLV/OLLI Spring 2024


Positive Aging 101-Aging and Ageism (c)Pat Landaker 2024


The Secrets of Positive Aging

Lunch n’ Learn Series

All lunch n’ learns are held at beautiful Nevada retirement communities. You’ll learn all about age, aging, ageism and positive aging.
This class is fun, very interactive, and full of facts every Senior can use. Learn how to DIY your aging experience and have it your way!
Would you like to bring this program to your community? Please contact me today!

Living La Vida Senior
Private/Group Classes and Programs

The Secrets of Positive Aging©

Knowledge is key in aging. The more you know the better aging experience you’ll have. All topics arm you with tools that will help you take the reins of aging. This four-week series covers several topics: What is Aging? Creativity and Aging, Understanding and Implementing the Selfs, Emotional Intelligence and Aging, Scripting Positive Self Talk, Framing Your Day, DIY Aging and much more.

Retired and Bored until Death©

You’ve taken all the trips; done all the remodeling; and had several visits with family and friends. Now what?

DIY Aging©

It’s simple: It’s all about Do It Yourself Aging. Which means: You live your life to the fullest your way.

Manifest Your Aging Destiny©

With focused energy, you can create the life you want!

Being Senior Today!©

Discussions and more that help you stay in step with this ever-changing world. It’s all about topics, conversations, suggestions and personal experiences that help participants see a broader perspective.