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Glimmers Are Gifts of Aging

There are moments that happen in your life you may not take time to notice. They are glimmers of awareness that bring you happiness and joy—and they need to be acknowledged, regarded and remembered. These are gifts. See them. Receive them.

Glimmers have been described as experiences that make you feel safe and connected. They’re small, unexpected moments that make you feel calm, peaceful, present, joyful and spark positive feelings.

A glimmer can appear differently to each individual. It can be a letter from a friend, the warmth of a loving pet, a scene in your favorite movie, a drop of rain on your face, seeing something that brings up a fond memory, the comfort of time spent with a good book or cup of coffee, even a special embrace.

You’ll notice them when you slow down and look at the glimmers of light all around you. They represent smile-generating emotions. They’re what we get to experience more fully and mindfully as we age.

Take a moment to discover, open, and acknowledge your gifts of glimmers and experience the joys of Positive Aging. Happy Holidays everyone!

FYI: I’ll be holding Positive Aging workshops for Optum Nevada at both their East and West locations on January 8th and 11th, 2024. Workshops are FREE and you must be an Optum member to register. Please visit Optum Nevada.

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