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Of my several goals and objectives for this website, one is to show seniors why it’s important to make sure your environment supports you as you age to whatever degree—but I also want to make sure you know you can create your desired environment yourself by making happiness and positivity a priority. To achieve this, you must commit to self-care and peace of mind. I hope you find the tools for self-empowerment here.

Back in the Day...

O, how times have changed! What memories do these pics bring up for you? I know one thing TV dinners were certainly bigger and always came with dessert.

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Business 2 Seniors

Are you underestimating the value of your older customers?

What experience are your Senior adults having when they visit your business?

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Classes for Positive Aging!

I hold classes all over the Vegas Valley at Senior centers, libraries, and retirement living communities. Learn more on my Living La Vida Senior page.

Living La Vida Senior page.

As seen in the pages of the Vegas Voice Magazine


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