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Turn Your Regrets Into Your Rewards

What do you do with the your regrets? You know those things you never did, never said, never completed…and on and on.

Well, you could lose those regrets—yet, you hang onto them. And as you age, those regrets begin to creep more and more into your foreground.

How do you acknowledge and process through those negative memories? How do you keep them from consuming you?

It’s about turning your negative energy (regrets) into positive fuel (rewards). It’s about taking advantage of the many opportunities you receive each day to exchange your regrets for rewards and grow from the lessons learned they represent.

My mother passed away recently at 90 after a very full and purpose-driven life. As I reflected on our relationship, my mind, as is normal, immediately went to all the things I wish I would have done or said differently…my regrets.

What a waste of my energy! I could have used that energy reminiscing about all the wonderful, joyful moments I shared with Mom and the many things I learned from her…my rewards.

So how do you get to your rewards? They will come as you let your regrets go!

Be aware that many regrets are wrapped in the inability to forgive—so forgiveness is key! Positive aging is all about creating a healthy environment mentally and physically where there is no room for regrets.

I dedicate this article to my Mom, the quintessential positive ager. She turned all her regrets into rewards and shared them with people all over the world.

Pat Landaker is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and a Senior Lifestyle Consultant. She is owner of the Living La Vida Senior brand, serves on the City of Henderson’s Senior Citizens Advisory Commission and teaches Positive Aging at UNLV/OLLI. Contact her at [email protected].

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