February article 2023

Welcome to the Village of Positive Aging

The Village of Positive Aging is a different kind of place because it’s ideal—a utopia where simply living is all that’s required for your positive aging experience. It’s a place where ownership of aging begins at birth. It’s a place where a mindset of hope, health and happiness are encouraged. It’s a place where aging and the aged are  embraced and honored. It’s where young people grow old with pride, not disappointment.

The Village of Positive Aging is where you don’t need to defend your right to age. It’s where old age is respected and accepted and the wisdom and knowledge that come with aging are highly sought after. It’s a place where everyone embraces aging and always lives their best life possible with intention, focus, and honor.

The Village is a place where winning a marathon at 85, doing 100 pushups at 90, or living and “aging in place” after 100 is the norm and is supported, not sensationalized. It’s a place where your choice and style of aging and lifestyle is perceived as something unique but never crazy. 

Life in the Village of Positive Aging is fueled by a belief in yourself and the energy that belief creates. It’s where you manage your experiences and expectations through self-awareness, self-respect and self-care. It’s where your sad days don’t cripple your good days and instead are used as lessons learned.

In the Village of Positive Aging, your opinions are accepted. It’s where diversity of individual and culture are sought out, not kept out. It’s where you’re encouraged to express who you are and age in your own way. It’s where “Senior” means you’ve paid life’s dues and now you get to enjoy the rewards of aging. It’s where the word “Senior” gets the honor and recognition it’s earned.

It takes a Village to embrace aging in order for aging to be embraced. And it’s in this Village that we all thrive. Wouldn’t it be nice if it really existed?

Pat Landaker is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and owner of Living La Vida Senior, Ageless Aging, and Senior Solutions. She serves on the ASA’s Innovation and Social Impact Council, the CSA’s Certification Council, the City of Henderson’s Senior Citizens Advisory Commission. She teaches Positive Aging at UNLV/OLLI and throughout the Valley. Email her at [email protected].

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