Welcome to The Secrets of Positive Aging!

Hello new friends! I’m very excited to become a part of the Vegas Voice family. There’s no doubt I’m surrounded and supported by so many talented people who share their creative under the Vegas Voice brand. And I’m proud to be one of them. My brands, Living La Vida Senior and Positive Aging with Pat have found the perfect home.

I’m a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). What is a CSA? Here’s the short version. A CSA is a specialist in aging with extensive knowledge of the health, social and financial issues important to seniors, especially the issues that significantly impact their aging experience.

However, I’m a bit different than other CSAs. Though we all work hard to help our clients have a positive aging experience, we have expertise in a specialized area and general knowledge in many other areas. Some focuses are: financial planning, insurance, medical and housing needs, caregiver guidance, and government and agency assistance. I only focus in one area, that is: helping you embrace your aging process and continue to realize your true potential.

Many of you view the aging experience as negative because you feel you have no choice in how you age. WRONG! You have all the control; you make all the decisions; you control the reins, but only when you decide to embrace your aging experience. I’m here to help!

The aging experience touches every aspect of your life, and they’re all tied to the selfs: self-love, self-discovery, self- awareness, self-expression and others that when employed help you shape a positive experience and replace your negative energy with positive fuel. As you adapt a positive mindset, realize your value, and understand that you are empowered, aging becomes anything you choose it to be.

Positive Aging with Pat is the platform I’ll use to highlight my unique approach to aging. I’ll provide articles, tips, tools, resources, creative aging projects and more—all meant to enhance, empower and help you embrace your aging journey.

Next article will feature “5 Things Seniors Should Consider Doing!” Stay tuned!

Pat Landaker is a Certified Senior Advisor, Empowerment Coach, and Aging Consultant. Please email your questions, requests, suggestions and thoughts to: [email protected].

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